琼英·卓玛,Choying Drolma,来自尼泊尔,是一个比丘尼。全名 Ani Choying Drolma,出生于1971年。


这个吉他手叫做Steve Tibbetts(斯蒂芬·泰伯特)。他在93年的时候,来到尼泊尔采风。实际上,他为了扩展吉他的表现力,已经多次来到这些异域。他曾经在印度尼西亚,被巴厘人激烈的双鼓技法所迷住。印度、南亚、尼泊尔和中国西藏这些富有神秘气质,而又接近灵性沟通的地域,让他长久流连忘返。


by Craig Harris
The founder of the Arya Tara School, the first school in Nepal to offer traditional Buddhist and secular studies for Buddhist nuns, in 2000, Ani Choying Drolma is known for her command of ancient Tibetan Buddhist chants and songs. Recorded by Minneapolis-based guitarist Steve Tibbetts, in a small monastery in Napal, Drolma was brought to the attention of Rykodisc/Hannibal, after instrumentation was added to the original tape, and signed to a recording contract. The tapes were released as Cho in 1997. Her second album, Dancing Dakini, released in 2000, was recorded with electronic musicians, Sina Vodjani. She recorded a solo version of Cho during a Spring 2002 concert in Kathmandu.

The daughter of Tibetan exiles in Kathmandu, Nepal, Drolma entered the Buddhist nunnery, Nagi Gompa, at the age of thirteen. Taught Buddhist mediation, chants, rituals and ceremonies, under the supervision of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, she advanced to the position of chant master.

Agreeing to become Rinpoche's personal health assistant, she served the meditation master until his passing away in February 1996.